BMR Researchers

Matthew A. Davies, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: Since coming to UNC Charlotte in the spring of 2001, Dr. Davies has become interested in manufacturing and measurement issues in Orthopedic implants and devices. Dr. Davies and his students have now started the Precision Orthopedic Engineering Laboratory which is working on a number of projects including testing the biomechanics of […]

Luke Donovan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

CBES AREA OF INTEREST: My primary area of research is the assessment and rehabilitation of patients who sustain a lateral ankle sprain (LAS) and develop a condition known as chronic ankle instability (CAI). Specifically, I focus on the aberrant gait patterns and muscle dysfunction associated with chronic neuromechanical conditions such as CAI. I aim to […]

Ahmed El-Ghannam, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Expertise: Dr. El-Ghannam specializes in synthesis and characterization of biomaterials for drug delivery and tissue reconstruction. His lab creates resorbable scaffolds for tissue reconstruction and to enable in vivo drug delivery to signal cells. The research activities of El-Ghannam’s lab addresses problems related to treatment of breast and liver cancer and bone […]

Hongbing Fang, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: Design and manufacturing of orthopedic materials and quality assurance of orthopedic materials. CBES Area of Expertise: Crash simulation and design optimization

Alexander A. Fokin, M.D., Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: Another subject of his research is the complications of midline sternotomy and prevention methods, which includes determining optimal closure techniques for different sterna conditions, (such as osteoporotic or narrow sternum) to reduce the possibility of dehiscence. New options for prevention and treatment of aortic dilatation, focusing on minimizing surgical trauma by […]

Mark Hirsch, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: Dr. Hirsch’s research is conducted within the Carolinas Rehabilitation Research Laboratories at Carolinas Medical Center. Dr. Hirsch is a Neuroscientist with a multidisciplinary background in Education, Gerontology and Rehabilitation. Dr. Hirsch’s research has focused on stroke, ALS, traumatic brain injury, aging and Parkinson’s disease (PD) and the effect of high-intensity exercise […]

Tricia Hubbard Turner, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Kinesiology

CBES Area of Interest: Mechanical joint instability assessment, Ligament healing, osteoarthritis, diagnostic ultrasound CBES Area of Expertise: My research focuses on the long term changes that occur after a lower extremity injury. Specifically, the mechanical changes that occur after an ankle injury, and the long term consequences those changes in mechanics may have on development […]

Edward P. Morse, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: Dimensional quality of orthopedic implants, in-process measurement techniques to assist in surgery, and processing of dense digital data from optical and CT scans. CBES Area of Expertise: Computational metrology, assembly modeling and analysis, geometric tolerancing and standards, computer aided manufacturing.

Brigid A. Mullany, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: Precision surface generation. This encompasses topics ranging from understanding the fundamentals of material removal and subsurface damage generation to developing more time efficient process. CBES Area of Expertise: Polishing of non planar surfaces. Including freeform geometries. Potential application finishing of medical devices (e.g. hip implants).

Richard D. Peindl, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: The Orthopaedic Engineering Research Lab at Carolinas Medical Center conducts applied research projects that involve the evaluation of fracture fixation devices, joint replacement devices, and soft tissue attachment devices along with associated fracture fixation and joint modification and reconstruction techniques. These studies necessitate the use of a wide array of experimental […]

Abbey Thomas, Ph.D., ATC
Assistant Professor

CBES Area of Interest: My research focuses on the neuromuscular and biomechanical consequences of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury and how those factors contribute to the development of post-traumatic osteoarthritis of the knee. Specifically, I focus on quadriceps dysfunction, examining the intracortical and corticospinal contributions to this impairment and, subsequently, its impact on biomechanics during […]

Erik A. Wikstrom, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: My research focuses on interactions between musculoskeletal biomechanics and sensorimotor control following injury with particular emphasis on the coordination of balance. In addition, my research has applied biomechanical and neurophysiologic principles to better understand the pathophysiology of ankle injuries, elucidate the mechanisms that lead to chronic ankle instability, and treat ankle […]

Andrew Willis, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: Dr. Willis’ Charlotte Machine Vision Laboratory conducts research that seeks to create new ways to treat traumatic bone fractures, especially those that occur in the vicinity of bone joints where osteoarthritis can develop. Supported by National Institute of Health, lab researchers create software and algorithms that facilitate the semi-authomatic reconstruction of […]

Naiquan "Nigel" Zheng, Ph.D.
Leader – Biomechanics and Mobility Research
Duke Centennial Hall 201

CBES Area of Interest: Biomechanics and Motion Analysis. In our lab, we use our state-of-art equipment and custom-coded software to study human movement during sports and daily activities. Current research topics include understanding injury mechanisms of throwing arm, 3-D motion analysis of human knee joint, knee modeling for rehabilitation exercises, fall prevention with technology, evaluation […]