Applied Cancer Technology and Therapeutics

The ACT2 focus group aims to identify synergies and catalyze the formation of interdisciplinary research teams. Specifically, the ACT2 focus group will emphasize research projects that further cancer biology understanding and develop approaches to detect, monitor and treat cancers especially through multi-institutional and inter-disciplinary collaborations.

The identity and focus of the ACT2 focus group especially in Cancer Biology & Modeling, Cancer Diagnostics & Monitoring, Drug Device, Drug Therapeutics & Development will be emphasized and more clearly identify the multidisciplinary potential in cancer research at UNC Charlotte and in the associated research institutions.

Specially, the ACT2 focus group proposes the following actionable items:

  • To facilitate and encourage those interdisciplinary collaborations. Feel free to contact the ACT2 Leader, Dr. Didier Dreau, with ideas, requests for new and budding collaborations.
  • To further foster interactions among researchers through the promotion and coordination of cancer-related interdisciplinary seminars at both UNC Charlotte and CMC.

Please click here for a list of our ACT2 researchers.