Martin L. Yarmush

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Martin L. Yarmush

Martin L. Yarmush, M.D., Ph.D. is an internationally recognized bioengineer and biophysical chemist, whose research interests span a wide range of topics from tissue engineering and artificial organ development to gene therapy and metabolic engineering. Winner of over 25 local and national research awards for his work in science and engineering and co-author of more than 270 publications, Dr. Yarmush also currently serves as:

  • Editor-in-chief of the “Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering”
    and a book series on Engineering in Medicine
  • Associate Editor of “Metabolic Engineering”
  • Section editor in “Science and Medicine”.

Dr. Yarmush has also served on the advisory boards of several foundations (e.g. the Whitaker Foundation, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and the Doris Duke Foundation), several academic-based centers, and several biotechnology and biomedical engineering based industrial firms. Dr. Yarmush received B.A. degrees in biology and chemistry at Yeshiva University, a Ph.D. degree from the Rockefeller University in biophysical chemistry. He spent a postdoctoral year at the NIH in the NIAID Laboratory of Immunogenetics before going to Yale University for his M.D. degree (cum laude). After three years at Yale, he entered the Ph.D. program in Chemical Engineering at MIT where he completed all requirements for a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering excluding thesis submission.

Over the last 23 years, Dr. Yarmush has advised and mentored more than 120 postdoctoral fellows and graduate students, and has taught a spectrum of courses from molecular genetics and immunology to thermodynamics and transport phenomena. A frequent plenary speaker at major national and international conferences, Dr. Yarmush is known as one of the pioneers of molecular and cellular bioengineering who has distinguished himself by seminal contributions to the fields of liver and skin tissue engineering, applied immunology and metabolic engineering. Dr. Yarmush currently serves as Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Rutgers University and Director of the Center for Engineering in Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital.