ACT2 Researchers

Richard Chi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

CBES Area of Interest: Our lab focuses on membrane trafficking. We are particularly interested in investigating the mechanisms involved in the uptake, packaging, transport and delivery of these carriers to their correct intercellular destinations. We are also interested in using Saccharomyces Cerevisiae to develop genome-wide drugs screens to identify cellular pathways of small compounds used […]

Hansang Cho, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Sungkyunkwan University

CBES Area of Interest: -Microfluidic chips including Brain-on-chips, Cancer chips -Healthcare/Environment monitoring platform -Optofluidic mechanics CBES Area of Expertise: Dr. Cho’s expertise is the development of bioengineered microenvironments and nanobiosensors. He worked as a research fellow at Harvard Medical School/Mass General Hospital to implement his expertise on brain-on chips for the study of Alzheimer’s disease […]

Didier Dréau, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: Dr. Dréau’s lab interests are centered on the biology of tumor metastasis. Specifically, we study tumor cell migration, the influences of the tumor microenvironment and the rate of metastasis. We seek to better understand key steps associated with the cancer progression and develop diagnostic and prognostic tools to improve patient care. […]

Shunji Egusa, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Physics

CBES Area of Interest: Cancer Nanomedicine; Nano-Materials Synthesis and Characterization CBES Area of Expertise: The enduring problem that faces cancer patients is that treatments can be very difficult, yet the benefits of the treatments can be uncertain. This is because toxic treatments destroy normal cells while often permitting the most aggressive cancer cells to survive. […]

Ram Ganapathi, Ph.D.
Chair, Cancer Pharmacology, Levine Cancer Institute

CBES Area of Interest: Acute myeloid leukemia, Serous ovarian cancer, topoisomerases, gene profiling, resistance to cancer chemotherapy, clinical pharmacology and pharmacogenomics. CBES Area of Expertise: Translational research in cancer is focused on acute myeloid leukemia and serous ovarian cancer, since drug resistance and tumor recurrence are major clinical problems. In acute myeloid leukemia the goal […]

Mahrukh K. Ganapathi, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: Our research studies in high grade serous ovarian cancer are focused on: a) developing prognostic markers that predict recurrence of high grade serous ovarian cancer, and b) studying the etiology of ovarian cancer in relation to site of origin, i.e. ovary or fallopian tube. Studies in AML are focused on optimizing […]

Valery Grdzelishvili, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: Dr. Grdzelishvili’s research is centered around the exploitation of viruses [vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) in particular] as anticancer (“oncolytic”) agents. VSV can preferentially replicate in malignant cells and less so in normal cells, since transformed cells exhibit the hallmarks of a flawed host defense. Dr. Grdzelishvili is particularly interested in the […]

Dr. Edward Kim, M.D., FACP

CBES Area of Interest: I am chairman of a clinical-based oncology program, as well as a clinician researcher who conceives, develops, implements, and reports clinical research protocols. My experience in conducting and reporting phase I to phase III investigator initiated and industry sponsored studies is highly valuable to my position as principal investigator for this […]

Iain Hugh McKillop, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: Focuses on providing a better understanding of the imbalance in mechanisms that regulate the rate of tumor cell growth (mitogenesis) and death (apoptosis). Using this information, Dr. McKillop’s group seek to use novel bio-engineering approaches, such as cell transfection coupled with encapsulation, to perform high dose, target specific protein delivery to […]

Pinku Mukherjee, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: Our basic and translational research focuses on 1) understanding the basic oncogenic pathways of tumor progression and metastasis associated MUC1 and 2) development of novel cancer vaccines that activate the existing immune response against the “foreign” tumor-specific proteins. The goal is to develop immune memory against the cancer, so that if […]

Dr. Craig Ogle
Charles H. Stone Professor of Chemistry

CBES Area of Interest: Research in design and synthesis of polymer based nano materials for a variety of applications, predominantly biomedical. This technology has huge clinical relevance. Conjugation of antibodies or aptamers to nano particles has the potential as a site-directed therapeutic delivery system (with either drugs or radio-conjugates) in patients with metastatic cancers. CBES […]

Steven I. Park, M.D.
Division Chief, Levine Cancer Institute, CHS-Northeast Hematology and Oncology

CBES Area of Interest: My second major area of research is antibody-directed targeted therapy and imaging for NHL. My group has developed a pretargeted approach to effectively target NHL using nanoparticles. CBES Area of Expertise: My research is primarily focused on targeted therapy for non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). My group has examined various signaling pathways, including […]

Jai N. Patel, Pharm.D.
Chief, Pharmacology Research, Phase I Trials

CBES Area of Interest: Cancer pharmacology; pharmacogenomics; tumor genetics; pharmacokinetics; pharmacodynamics; personalized medicine; pharmaceutics CBES Area of Expertise: My primary area of research focuses on the use of pharmacological methods to personalize cancer therapy and supportive care-related therapies. Specifically, I am interested in translating pharmacogenomic findings from the bench to the bedside, including implementation of […]

Derek Raghavan, MD, PhD, FACP, FRACP
President, Levine Cancer Institute

CBES Area of Interest: Cancer trials, novel therapies in cancers of testis, bladder and prostate, bio-markers, preclinical modeling of genitourinary cancers. CBES Area of Expertise: Trained in clinical medicine (MBBS, University of Sydney, Australia), oncology and cancer research (PhD, University of London, MD, University of Sydney), with expertise in cancer trials, genitourinary oncology, new anticancer […]

Christine Richardson, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: identification of environmental agents and metabolites that may promote DNA damage and chromosomal instability leading to leukemias; (2) biomarker discovery for leukemias and ovarian cancers potentially leading to diagnostic screening tools; and (3) development of targeted drug delivery via aptamer-nanoparticle vehicles for use in both leukemias and ovarian cancers.

Richard Souvenir
Associate Professor

CBES Area of Interest: Biomedical imaging, video processing, and machine learning. CBES Area of Expertise: My research interests lie in analyzing biomedical video without developing highly constrained models. Through the application of statistical machine learning, my aim is to develop computer vision and image processing algorithms to address important problems biomedical image analysis. Previous work […]

Nury M. Steuerwald, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist

CBES Area of Interest: microRNA regulation of the pathogenesis of disease, cell cycle regulation and checkpoint control CBES Area of Expertise: Full service genomics core facility including Next Generation Sequencing, Microarray analysis, real-time PCR and multiplex immunoassays.

Junya Tomida, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences

My current research is biomedical science, specifically cancer. My laboratory focuses on defining mechanisms of chemoresistance in prostate, breast, and ovarian cancers using approaches in biochemistry, protein complex, cell and molecular biology, supplemented by newly available genome sequencing data (e.g. TCGA and ONCOMINE). In particular, we are interested in DNA repair pathways since cancer often […]

Susan R. Trammell, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: Dr. Trammell’s research focus is biomedical optics, specifically the development of new diagnostic tools for cancer detection and vascular imaging. Her lab has developed an enhanced thermal imaging technique for tumor margin detection and is developing a spectral imaging system for the detection of pancreatic cancer. CBES Area of Expertise: Infrared […]

Andrew Truman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

CBES Area of Interest: My laboratory focuses on the role of molecular chaperones Hsp70 and Hsp90 in cancer. We are particularly interested in understanding how phosphorylation of chaperones modulates their global interactomes and their in vivo function in cells. We believe by targeting particular phosphorylation sites, we may be able to sensitize cancer cells to […]

Juan Luis Vivero-Escoto, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

CBES Area of Interest: Research in our group focuses on the design, and synthesis of novel hybrid inorganic-organic materials for a wide variety of applications, predominantly in biomedicine, renewable energy, and catalysis. Our approach is multidisciplinary, interfacing chemistry, biology, and material science. By its very nature our research will provide an excellent training environment for […]

Shan Yan, Ph.D.
Woodward Hall 490A

CBES Area of Interest: My research group is interested in the molecularmechanisms of genomic integricty maintenance and tumorigenesis. In particular, our laboratory will tackle three crucial issues in maintaining genomic stability, including checkpoint activation, DNA damage repair, and translesion synthesis (TLS), using biochemical, molecular and cell biology approaches. Ultimately, this research program will help to […]