Welcome to the Center for Biomedical Engineering and Science

The Center for Biomedical Engineering and Science (CBES) at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte synergizes the expertise of our researchers to advance biomedical engineering research, development, and practice using a systems approach.

Established in 2005, CBES serves the Charlotte metropolitan area by providing the infrastructure to enable biomedical faculty, researchers, clinicians, practitioners, and students to collaborate on solving biomedical issues.

Our Center’s team approach to problem-solving is critical since the complexities of biomedical issues require interdisciplinary and collaborative efforts to make optimal advancements. The CBES research team currently consists of 70 affiliated researchers distributed across 4 Colleges of the University (the Colleges of Engineering, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Health & Human Services, and Computing & Informatics), and Biomedical Research Institutions (Cannon Research Center, OrthoCarolina Research Institute, and the Levine Cancer Institute in the Charlotte metropolitan area.

Through the efforts of our four focus areas – Applied Cancer Technology and Therapeutics(ACT2),Medical Therapies and Technologies (MTT), Biomechanics & Mobility Research (BMR), and Molecular Engineering & Design (MED) – CBES annually supports biomedical research, workshops, seminars, conferences, and other events.

The growth and successes of our Center are due to the active involvement of our talented researchers. To learn more about their work or to become involved in future CBES activities, we encourage you to contact us.

Charles Lee, Ph.D.
CBES Director