Graduate Student Travel Award

The Center for Biomedical Engineering and Science (CBES) is pleased to announce a competition for graduate student travel awards to scientific or engineering conference during the 2017-2018 Academic Year. Travel awards are for up to $500.00 and are subject to the same travel constraints and criteria of all University travel. Funds are available to cover transportation, hotel and registration costs.


In order to be eligible for the travel award, the student and Associated Researcher must meet the following criteria:

  1. The Graduate student must be under the supervision of a CBES Associated Researcher
  2. The student must be attending the conference as an oral presenter or poster presenter
  3. The Associated Researcher must attend one CBES sponsored event per academic year
  4. The Graduate student must list CBES as one of their affiliations on the abstract and on the paper in the conference proceedings

Only one student travel award will be granted to an Associated Researcher per academic year.

Requests must be made before March 15, 2018, and expenses paid before May 15, 2018 (pre-payment is encouraged). We understand that some conference acceptances won’t occur until the Spring 2018 or later, so we encourage students to submit their application early. Please note on the application if your acceptance to the conference is pending. All applications must be submitted to Nataly Tapper, CBES Business Manager, 380 Duke Centennial Hall.

Students please submit the following information to CBES:

  1. Name, Home Department, Email Address, Phone #:
  2. CBES Associated Researcher Supervisor:
  3. Name, location and dates of the conference:
  4. Brief statement on how attendance to the conference will help your dissertation project.
  5. Abstract sent to the conference showing CBES as an affiliation

(We understand that some conferences do not allow you to add an affiliation; if this is the case, please send a screenshot of the website with your application showing this in order for your application to be considered for funding)

Awards are limited and will be based on the justification for the student to present, which includes intellectual merit and national/international reputation of the conference. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.