MED Researchers

Kirill Afonin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Chemistry Department

CBES Area of Interest: My main research focus involves working on understanding processes related to RNA folding and self-assembly, as well as structure-to-function relationships, with the goal of designing de novo functional RNA-based nanoparticles and nanodevices with novel characteristics such as the control and sensing of cellular processes. CBES Area of Expertise: Overall, I gained […]

Wei Cai, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: Biomedical applications that include multiscale modeling and computational biology. CBES Area of Expertise: Development of fast numerical methods for electrostatics interactions and hybrid salvation models for biomolecules.

Shaozhong Deng, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: Working on computational structural biology, in particular, on hybrid explicit/implicit solvent methold for biomolecular simulations. CBES Area of Expertise: Computational structural biology, in particular, hybrid explicit/implicit solvent method for biomolecular simulations.

Donald J. Jacobs, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: My research centers on biophysical modeling involving development of algorithms for computational biology applications. My main activity is funded by the National Institutes of Health to develop “FAST” software that provides a Flexibility and Stability Test for proteins with known three-dimensional structure to predict their thermodynamic and mechanical properties within a […]

Joanna Krueger, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: Structural information on biomolecular associations using the techniques of small-angle X-ray and neutron scattering, chemical cross-linking with peptide analysis by MS, selected-site mutagenesis and spectroscopy (FTIR, CD, UV-VIS); and visualized through the use of molecular modeling. CBES Area of Expertise: Biophysical Chemistry

Yuri Nesmelov, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: My research interests are focused on biological molecular motors. I study myosin, the protein responsible for force generation in muscle, cell locomotion and intracellular trafficking. I combine protein mutagenesis, site directed labeling, multifrequency electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and transient time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer (TR2FRET) to explore myosin functional dynamics on […]

Irina Nesmelova, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: My research is focused on understanding the dynamic pictures of how proteins interact with each other and with ligands (including DNA). This information is then used to re-engineer the interactions according to the need of specific biological system. The research is interdisciplinary in its nature, because it requires the knowledge of […]

Jerry Troutman, Ph.D.

CBES Area of Interest: One of the core areas of my research is in the biosynthesis of complex polysaccharides by symbiotic intestinal microbes that are important for normal immunological functions of mammals. Specifically, I am interested in the enzymes responsible for the biosynthesis of these molecules and how they function together as a polysaccharide biosynthetic […]