Our Objectives

  • Enhance the roles of traditional academic departments at UNC Charlotte by providing cross-disciplinary research opportunities for faculty & students toward solving critical biomedical engineering issues.
  • Synergize the biomedical engineering related activities at the University and the Charlotte area by facilitating interdisciplinary research collaborations.

  • Provide technical support to local, state, and federal agencies on biomedical engineering issues.

  • Establish mutually beneficial collaborations on projects with the private sector, especially hospitals and other health agencies.

The Center’s Mission:

To foster advancements in biomedicine through interdisciplinary and translational research at the interface of biomedical science and biomedical engineering. As such it provides the infrastructure for faculty, students, clinicians, and engineers in the Charlotte area, to collaborate on critical biomedical issues. In addition to stimulating research, scholarly work, and extramural funding through these collaborations, CBES also seeks to add visibility to biomedical engineering and science research in the Charlotte area and contribute to the professional & technology development goals of its participants. CBES’ interdisciplinary research activities concentrate on 4 critical focus areas: (1) Applied Cancer Technology and Therapeutics; (2) Molecular Engineering and Design; (3) Medical Therapies & Technologies; and (4) Biomechanics and Mobility Research.